Electrical / Electronics

Electrical / Electronics and industrial instrumentation and control systems are used in most industries, from oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, water treatment, food processing and pharmaceutical plants. This helps to increase the efficiency level, speed and performance of company operations thereby resulting in increased production while saving time and money.

With over 50 years of combined expertise and experience designing, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining Electrical / Electronics and industrial instrumentation and control systems, Control and Precision Limited (CONPRIS) is capable of delivering fully integrated turnkey solutions for electrical, instrumentation and process control systems.

We have vast understanding and knowledge about a wide range of Electrical/ Electronic and industrial automation systems. We offer professional services for supply and installation of the following Electrical and Electronics system:

Power Management System Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Power Management Systems (PMS) are dedicated microsystems providing intelligent automation for industrial power grids. This automation system can also be customised and scaled down to service small to medium size businesses and homes. The CONPRIS PMS is designed for power systems control and intelligent load shedding applications, they proactively prevent blackouts and enable uninterrupted performance of critical processes and operations.

Switchgears, Motor Control Center (MCC) and Electrical Control Panels

Our Switchgears, Motor control centers (MCC) and Electrical control panels / Distribution board’s design, fabrication, installation and maintenance focuses mainly on safety. Our team of engineers leave no stone unturned to ensure that our customers are supplied with quality switchgears, MCC’s and Electrical control panels that meet their specification and international standard.

We have the ability to provide LV, MV and HV Switchgear units and MCC’s to cater to your industrial power switching and motor control needs. This is done by sourcing electrical components from the best and most trusted brands in the world such as ABB, Schneider, Telemecanique, Honeywell etc and assembling them in strong quality anti static panels that provide ARC and Spark protection.

Procurement of Domestic and Industrial Electrical Systems and Parts

We have the ability to source and procure a wide range of domestic and industrial electrical systems and parts, with access to a very large parts catalogue database that was designed with a specific filter set to enable procurement of only original and quality parts.

CONPRIS is able to procure parts in small, medium and large quantities to suit your domestic and industrial needs.

Contactors, Relays

Circuit Breakers (MCCB’s)

Electric Pumps

Air Conditioning (AC) System Supply,Installation and Maintenance

We supply, install, service and repair a wide range of multi-brand domestic and industrial Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Some of the brands we are competent in installing and servicing are : Panasonic, Carrier, Samsung, LG, Scanfrost, Royal, Hisense etc

Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems Installation and Maintenance

A good electrical grounding and lightning protection system is very important when designing electrical systems, in order to save human lives and properties from damage caused by lightning and stray/excess electrical energy.

Our team of experts can provide quality and reliable electrical grounding and lightning protection for your homes and offices, by using quality parts and a fail proof design as recommended by IEC. We will deliver the best international standard grounding and lightning protection system that is guaranteed to keep your family and property safe.