Industrial Control Automation

Automation, instrumentation and control systems is a very interesting and dynamic field. Industrial process automation is the use of instruments and technology to execute tasks remotely in order to minimize manual effort and error due to human factors. It is done to achieve cost minimization, greater efficiency and safety.

We have a strategic partnership with a leading Japanese industrial automation systems manufacturer. This coupled with our many years of experience on multi-brand industrial automation systems gives our customers a lot of trust and confidence in our ability to get the job done.

Control System Design, Integration and Upgrades

Control systems are designed and built upon open architectures, using proven tools to provide real-time data in a robust and secure environment. We offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions backed by several years of industry experience and knowledge.

Our approach to control system design, integration and upgrades is centered around the customer’s needs and specification. After carrying out a thorough survey and giving our expert advice and opinion, we proceed with application engineering to develop a proposal for the customer’s review.

Upon acceptance, we begin the design engineering phase of the project which includes schematics, layouts, device lists, PLC programming, and HMI screens. Once that is complete, we proceed to the design and build phase where we construct or procure the control panel(s) and associated equipment and instruments as per design and specification.

The panel is tested at our facility to ensure that it meets the required IEC and other relevant standards, after which it is dispatched to the field for installation and commissioning. Finally, we are there for the life cycle support of the control system.

We understand control systems design, integration and upgrades as this is one of our many areas of expertise. This along with our wealth of experience and resources ensures that we always deliver Creative, Affordable, Reliable, Efficient and Smart solutions when it comes to control systems design, integration and upgrades.

Instrumentation and Control System Parts Procurement and Supply

We have the ability to source and procure a wide range of Industrial instrumentation and control system parts, with access to a very large parts catalogue database that was designed with a specific filter set to enable procurement of only original and quality parts.


Proximity switches, Limit switches

Temperature transmitters and Pressure Transmitters.

Multiple range and types of Level sensors and Level switches.

PA/GA speakers and Visual Alarm Devices e.g Sounders and Strobe lights

RTD’s, Thermocouples etc

Position encoders (Incremental and Absolute Encoders) and Position Indicators.

Domestic / Industrial Telephones and accessories

Instrumentation Installation, Maintenance, Upgrade and Commissioning

Asides from being able to procure the best and most reliable instruments for our clients, we have the necessary expertise and knowledge in installing and servicing a broad range of multi brand instruments. All our installations are carried out to the highest industrial safety standard and a full commissioning procedure is done in the presence of the client or its representative to verify that installation meets the client's specification and requirement.

We also offer maintenance, upgrade and commissioning services to ensure that your industrial automation equipment and devices are always up and running, thereby guaranteeing process safety and maximum productivity levels at all times.

Metering and Calibration Services

AWe understand the importance of having accurate and precise meters and instruments in the oil and gas, power, manufacturing and agriculture industry. In most of these industries there is very little margin for error, this is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the right meters are supplied for process metering applications.

Our Metering and calibration services includes:

1. Supply and installation of calibrated and certified process meters.
2. Inspection and Calibration of test equipment e.g Multimeters, IR testers etc
3. Inspection and testing of PRV’s (Pressure relief valves)
4. Periodic third party inspection, calibration and certification of meters and sensors such as fuel pump meters, process meters, flow meters, gas detectors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, load cells e.t.c.

IR testers

Pressure sensors

Fuel pump meters

Portable gas detectors

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Installation, Programming and Maintenance

In today’s modern world, it is almost impossible to talk about modern industrial instrumentation and control systems without talking about the “PLC” which is the brain of most industrial instrumentation, control and automation systems.

At CONPRIS, our team of industrial instrumentation and control system specialists have the knowledge and expertise required to procure, supply, install, program, troubleshoot and maintain a wide range of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s). With the wealth of experience gathered over 50 combined years of working with PLC’s, you can be assured of professional service delivery by our team of experts.

Examples of some of the PLC’s we provide and service are:

1. Siemens S7 300 and 400 series
2. Siemens S7 1200 series
3. Rockwell Automation
4. ABB
5. Honeywell
6. Yokogawa

Siemens S7 300



DCS and SCADA Systems

Distributed control systems (DCS) and Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are also at the core of instrumentation and control systems.

A fully automated modern industrial process must have a form of DCS and SCADA for easier control, monitoring and data acquisition.

This helps the client and process operator have a good overview of the process thereby enabling remote control and monitoring of the process, which in turn helps to maximize productivity and safety by limiting manual operation.

Control Panel Assembling

As mentioned earlier under “control systems design”, we are able to fabricate, procure, assemble and install different types of control panels to fit clients’ requirement and specification.

Our team of Engineers and Technicians consists of CompEX certified installers that are competent in the installation and inspection of Electrical and Electronics equipment in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

ATEX Certified and Regular (Non-ATEX Certified Junction boxes

Integrated FAT Services

We offer comprehensive integrated Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) services for clients who have recently built, modified, upgraded or purchased a new industrial plant with integrated machinery and control systems.

The FAT will help the client confirm that the integration of multiple control systems is carried out correctly and the systems function together properly as designed.

Our specialists in automation, instrumentation and control systems have worked in multiple roles over the years and they have in-depth understanding of multiple control systems and how they are supposed to integrate to achieve the client's goal.

Most importantly, they understand the cause and effect matrix when it comes to automation and will ensure that the client’s safety and interest always comes first.