Security Surveillance Access Control & Safety Systems

Surveillance System

At Conpris, we take security of lives and property very seriously, This is why we provide multi brand solutions in the field of security surveillance.

We also install thermographic cameras which are capable of measuring equipments component temperature.

It can also be used to measure real-time human body temperature in busy areas such as supermarkets, hotel lobbies, offices, schools etc.

A thermographic camera can proactively detect an equipment component or person with temperature above the normal temperature range and immediately raise an alarm based on the intelligent algorithm in the camera's computer system.

This helps to quickly identify degrading equipment components or ill individuals even within a relatively large gathering.

We install and service a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems such as:
1. IP CCTV Camera surveillance systems with DVR or NVR and remote view.
2. Analog CCTV Camera surveillance systems DVR or NVR and remote view.
3. Thermographic Cameras
4. Surveillance system accessories e.g Digital video recorders (DVR’s), Network video recorders (NVR), HDMI Cables, Mechanical and Solid state storage drives (HDD and SSD), CAT 5e, 6e and 7e network cables e.t.c.

Our effective yet affordable surveillance system offers complete computer or mobile remote access to your CCTV cameras, making it easy and convenient to monitor and record events in your home or office even when you are not physically there.

Access Control and Time Attendance System

Access control systems allow employers or homeowners to grant and restrict access to certain areas of their building, setting varying levels of security depending on individual employees / personnel needs and clearances.

These systems can also track personnel movement and send alerts on suspicious activities to the system administrator.

The ability to track personnel movement can enable us to incorporate an optional time attendance function which enables employers to track and monitor the attendance of their employees at work in an organization electronically.

Time attendance monitoring can be used as one of the metrics in a company’s KPI which in turn should lead to an improvement in employee punctuality and productivity, attendance of their employees at work in an organization electronically.

Time attendance monitoring can be used as one of the metrics in a company’s KPI which in turn should lead to an improvement in employee punctuality and productivity.

Access control readers can be in the form of :

1. Access EM cards (touch or touchless, insert or swiping type)
2. Biometric readers e.g Finger or Face recognition biometric readers
3. Keypad - PIN or Password combination type
4. Mobile phone access readers
5. RFID EM proximity devices such as RFID tags, bracelets, Key Fobs etc.

These readers can be installed as standalone units or as multiple units connected together to a common controller.

It is important to note that access control systems are not only restricted to human movement alone, we also offer solutions for vehicular access control and security.

The principle of access control explained in the top paragraph also applies to vehicular access control, however the hardware and mode of deployment may slightly differ.

At CONPRIS Limited, we offer the following Door / Gate automation systems:

1. Automatic door closer with Magnetic lock
2. Automatic sliding motion sensor door
3. Automatic sliding motor driven gate
4. Automatic motor driven swing gate
5. Automatic Garage door system
6. Traffic Barriers and accessories
7. Traffic Bollards
8. Industrial roller shutter

We also install intercom systems, which conveniently compliments any modern access control system because of the ability to integrate a remote access control system to the intercom network, thereby giving you the ease of remotely allowing temporary physical access to your home or business after communicating with the person requiring access.
E.g Delivery vendors, visitors etc

The combination of an Access control controller + Access control device + Access control reader + Door / Gate automation system equals a complete and robust Access control system. CONPRIS LIMITED is competent in helping your organization design, supply, install and service access control system.
We will give you expert advice on the most suitable access control system for your home or business.

Analog CCTV Camera

Surveillance system accessories

IP CCTV Cameras

Fire and Gas Detection system

Our team of Instrumentation, control and automation experts and specialists have a minimum of 15 solid years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of international multi brand fire and gas systems such as Autronica, Tyco, Hochiki, Bristol, Yokogawa etc fire and gas detection systems.

After completing a thorough inspection and identification of the cause and effect analysis of a potential fire outbreak in an organization, we will run several simulations to ensure that we design and install the most effective fire and gas detection system for your organization.

We supply, install and service the following fire and gas detection systems and apparatus:

1. Complete integrated fire and gas detection system with central control panel and multi loop addressable field fire and gas detectors.
2. Fire and gas detectors (smoke, heat, flame, Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, oxygen etc)
3. Fire Extinguishers (Class A, B, C, D and K) 4. Fire Hydrants
5. Fire suppression systems

We are confident in our competence and ability to deliver a complete and effective fire and gas detection system to keep your home and business running optimally and safe.